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I am currently software professional living in Uk. I was very good in mathematics and wanted to pursue studies in mathematics, but got selected in B. Tech in Dairy Technology. after graduation worked in as Technical Office in lactose manufacturing plant. A year later on 1998, got an opportunity to work as sales and marketing executive officer for lauch of IceCream. After working there, in 2001, changed my profession to IT industry for which completed PG Diploma in E commerce. I have mow more than 16 years experience in software industry. Secialisation in the business inteligence and currently working as contractor with Babcock international.

I have started helping my daughter in mathematics and found new series which i want to submit here. This series can start with any number, if number is even , next number is obtained by multply by 1.5 , if number is odd and divisible by 3, then number is divided by 3 and added with 1 , in case number is not divisible by 3 and its odd, then next number is obtained by adding 1 means swtich to next even number in series.

In this series after some terms, series pattern becomes 9,4,6 and these repeat endlessly. This is new series of its own type and can be used in various ways like new design patterns , music etc

My address is 24 Newford Grove, Clarkston, Glasgow, G76 8QZ