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BS in Computer Science and GCert in Mathematics, who programs in eccentric languages on eccentric operating systems, prepares and drinks specialty coffee, and writes in foundational, uncial, and italic. A friend to independent music, literary fiction, poetry (reading, writing), and philosophy (analytic, history-of). Enjoys the ocean and detests driving; lives landlocked and a 5-30 minute drive to anything interesting.

Currently working to implement 'n' sequences in J, for some value of 'n', where sequence 'n+1' may be arbitrarily chosen.

I got upset one day that I couldn't quickly figure out the probability of meeting a number when summing the results of rolling an arbitrary set of dice. After a week of research (and four or five revisions over the proceeding weeks), I wrote the following program in J:

(}. %&(+/) ]) ($&0@# , +//.@(*/)/&: ($&1"0))

which tells me that the probability of rolling a 14 or better, given a set of (perfect) dice with number of sides 4 6 and 10, is 30.4167%.

And that is how I got interested in combinatorics.