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I'm a software developer with interest in math, physics, electronics.

Around 2001 I coded a regular expression engine and a programmers text editor with syntax coloring.

Around 2003 I became intersted in visual programming languages, so I have coded my own, several times over, in various forms. The user can assemble building blocks. Each building block does its own function, such as: - Rotate an image by 90 degrees. - Apply blur filter to image. - Combine multiple images into a single image. - Smoothen edges of polygons. - Read a file. - Fetch data from a URL. The user can undo/redo all operations. It's multithreaded. The user interface is zoomable. It's incredible complicated, but I keep coming back to this.

Around 2005 With both regular expression engine and the visual programming language, I had toyed with lots of tree structures. I came up with a tree structure that shared the first 5 terms with the prime numbers. This was my first integer sequence for OEIS.

Around 2010 The iPad arrived and I immediately started migrating my best building blocks into smaller apps. So I made a drawing app with triangles, which is open source. Compared to my visual programming language, this is a simple app and undo/redo is much easier to implement.

Around 2012 I coded my own "Norton Commander" clone, which later I abbandoned.

Around 2017 I became intersted in AI and have coded several projects.