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2011 University of Palermo, Graduated in Mathematics, score 107/110. 2011-2013 University of Rome, La Sapienza, II level (Italian) Master in Scientific Calculus, score 107/110 with topic regarding Applied Mathematic to Biology. 2012-2013 ENEA (National Council for Nuclear and Alternative Energies), Rome, training (research activities) in preparation to Master. 2014-2018 University Consortium Catania-Palermo-Messina, PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science, XXIX cycle in joint supervision at Enea Frascati (Rm), Applied Mathematic to Physics – Thesis: “Umbral Calculus, a different Mathematical Language”. Umbral Methods applied to Physical Problems as Free Electron Laser, Optics, Quantum Physics, Biology, Termodinamics, electromagnetism, radio frequency generators and Numerical Analysis, Carm.