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DOB:14/03/1954; B.V.Sc. & A.H. (Double Gold Medalist:1976), M.V.Sc. (Pharmacology: Honors:1978), Ph.D. Pharmacology (VP Chest Institute; University of Delhi;1985(Pioneered discovery of pneumadin in mammalian lungs; to credit along with co-and follow-up workers; Sigma patent); Retired as Professor and Head, Division of Vety. Pharmacology & Toxicology, April 2014 (working since 1985); interested in Number Theory; Published Mir's trinomial expansion theorem based on exponent array model(Pure And Applied Mathematika Sciences (An International Research Journal : ISSN 0379-3168)Volume LXIV, No. 1-2, September 2006, pp 29-37 ) and Mir's Generalized Pythagorean Theorem defining all triples as function of one side (x) (available at;published a shortest book on ethics: The book of knowledge (available at and over 60 published scientific works in professional line; resident of Srinagar (Kashmir, India)