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Sergio Falcon Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) T: 034928458827 Mathematical Doctor Professor of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Member of the University Institute of Applied Microelectronics

Several articles published in journals with Impact Factor: 1. Mesh quality improvement and other properties in the four-triangles longest-edge partition 2. On some Banach Spaces constants arising in nonlinear fixed point and eigenvalue theory 3. The 8-tetrahedra longest-edge partition of right-type tetrahedra 4. Some Properties of Sums Involving Pell Numbers 5. On the Fibonacci k-numbers 6. The k-Fibonacci sequence and the Pascal 2-triangle 7. The k-Fibonacci hyperbolic functions 8. On the 3-dimensional k-Fibonacci spirals 9. On k-Fibonacci sequences and polynomials and their derivatives 10. Identities for generalized Fibonacci numbers: a combinatorial approach 11. The metallic ratios as limits of complex valued transformations 12. Combinatorial Proofs of Honsberger-Type identities 13. k-Fibonacci sequences modulo m 14. On k-Fibonacci numbers of arithmetic indexes 15. Binomial Transforms of the k-Fibonacci Sequence 16. On the non-degeneracy property of the longest-edge trisection of triangles 17. Short proofs of combinatorial identities for n factorial 18. A local Refinement for the Longest-Edge Trisection of Triangle Meshes 19. The k-Fibonacci matrix and the Pascal matrix 20. Generalized Fibonacci Sequences Generated from a k-Fibonacci Sequence 21. Catalan transform of the k-Fibonacci sequence 22. On the generating matrices of the k-Fibonacci numbers 23. On the powers of the k-Fibonacci numbers