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This is a native python3.1 implementation of some OEIS functions,
name conventions from the enumeration of sequences.

To install run
        python3 install

==install nzmath==
It builds on top of the number theoretic library of

We assume this has been installed and converted to python3 with like
        gunzip NZMATH-1.0.1.tar.gz
        tar xf NZMATH-1.0.1.tar ;
        2to3 -w NZMATH-1.0.1

        Then patch nzmath/poly/ at two places, by changing the
                ascending_order = UnivarTermOrder(cmp)
                ascending_order = UnivarTermOrder.cmp
                lexicographic_order = MultivarTermOrder(cmp)
                lexicographic_order = MultivarTermOrder.cmp

        cd NZMATH-1.0.1 
        python3 install
        touch $HOME/.nzmath.d/

The above sequence of commands seems to ensure that the nzmath package
is upgraded to python3. Installation of oeisPy-0.0.1.tar.gz will be independent
of this installation by nzmath, but running any of the functions
in the oeis package will fail unless nzmath can be imported.

==see also==
See also for Jaap Spies' SAGE implementations.

Richard J. Mathar,