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I earned my bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering from Bihar Institute of Technology: Sindri, master's degree in computer science from Jawaharlal Nehru University: New Delhi, and Ph.D. in computer science from Iowa State University: Ames, IA. I have been on the faculty of computer science at St. Cloud State University: St. Cloud, MN since early 2001. Prior to that, I taught computer science for a number of years in my home country India and for a couple of years in Malaysia. My publications are in the areas of hypercubes, median graphs and products of graphs, a majority of them on various aspects of Kronecker-product graphs with applications in networks, perfect codes, resource placement, etc. A paper on recognition and isometric embedding of median graphs (jointly with Giora Slutzki) has been cited by Don Knuth in his classic Vol. 4A: Combinatorial Algorithms.