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Mr Philippe A.J.G. Chevalier has a Master of Science in Physics Engineering from the University of Ghent, Belgium. He is working in the photonics industry since 1984. He is inventor/co-inventor in 4 patents and received the Flanders Technology International Award for innovation. He has contributed to the design and development of many optical systems in diverse fields of the photonics industry. He received a certificate of appreciation for contribution to the flight of the Second International Microgravity laboratory IML-2. He is currently the Chief Scientific Officer of OIP Sensor Systems with premises in Oudenaarde, Belgium (E-mail: He studies, as independent researcher, the mathematical classification of the SI physical quantities and the relation of this structure with the metamathematical constraints of the laws of physics. He developed the 7D-hypersphere method to find unique relations of realizable binary form equations. In his search he discovered new integer sequences and new interpretations of existing integer sequences that he communicated to the OEIS.