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I am a mathematics graduate, BA from the University of Florida (1969) and MSc from Birkbeck, University of London (2015), currently researching prime number density in the rings of Gaussian and Eisenstein integers. I also tutor mathematics and do amateur astronomy. My website is

In March 2014, as part of my MSc dissertation at Birkbeck, I started on an infinite walk in the Gaussian integers, stepping only on the Gaussian primes, as proposed by the late Basil Gordon ( The walk is on going, running continuously on three Raspberry Pis and as of September 2017, has reach the Gaussian prime 187,648,982,345 + 187,649,006,368i.

In the ring of Eisenstein integers, I am generating all primes in the first uncitant (my name for the first one twelfth sector of the complex plane, taken from here This is in an effort to locate successive Eisenstein moats. As of September 2017, I have generated all of the primes out to a distance of 1.5 million units from the origin of the complex plane and have located the first eight Eisenstein moats.