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I was born and raised in Madrid (Spain). I am currently an undergraduate at Chapman University (CA), where I am completing a double major in Mathematics and Biochemistry. I have done research in the Wright lab (2011) working on global dust trend analysis and it's influence on Californian sea lions; the Verkhivker lab (2011-2013), studying the chaperone protein HSP90 and it's interaction with the cochaperone Cdc37 and it's client kinases through protein modelling; the Keating lab (MIT, 2012), applying machine learning methods for prediction of interactions of basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factors; and with Dr. Jipsen, developing an algorithm to count the number of finite modular lattices up to isomorphism.

My interest is in mathematics and computational science, though I have experience in computational biology also. I am highly interested in research and intend to pursue a PhD in mathematics.