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Mike Winkler May 2016

Hi, my name is Mike Winkler. I am a mathematics student (B.Sc.) at the Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum, Germany. I also work as an independent board and video game developer.

Research interests: 3x + 1 problem, (4; n)-regular matchstick graphs, prime numbers, Pi, magic squares of squares.

Hobbies: Classical Piano, E-Guitar, Mountainbiking, Swimming, Painting

Mathematics Homepage:

Business Website: PsyGraph Games

arXiv: papers

  • In 2016/2017 I discovered the currently second and third smallest known 4-regular matchstick graphs with 108* and 114 edges, and the currently smallest known (4,5), (4,6), (4,7) and (4,11)-regular matchstick graphs with 115, 117, 159 and 777* edges. I also discovered the currently smallest known completely asymmetric 4-regular matchstick graph with 132 edges. (*together with Stefan Vogel and Peter Dinkelacker)
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