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When people ask "What do you do?" at dinner parties, I really don't know how to answer. If I say "I'm a web developer." they sort of glaze over, nod their heads and walk away. Kinda like I said "Oh, I have projectile leprosy - may want to keep your distance." The result is the same, with the exception of their pace.

What I do is complex, and doesn't have a 30 second answer, but here it goes.

I take a concept, typically my own, and build software using the web as a canvas and paint with PHP, Python, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, etc. a picture of that concept. I incorporate a DB such as MySQL to provide persistence and longevity. I advertise so as many people as possible get a chance to see it, discuss it and criticize it. I pay careful attention to the interaction of my painting with the browsers so that my message is fairly rendered the way I had intended. Then, with a little luck, much perseverance, and many enjoyable hours, hope that others share my vision and some good will come of it.

In 2009, started a blog ( that demonstrates methods for solving difficult problems concentrating in mathematics and computer science. Intention was to provide examples of algorithmic implementations that solve problems concisely and with computational expedience. For example, one solution reduced a 100-line problem with minutes of execution time to a 10-line Python solution solved in milliseconds without a sacrifice to extensibility or resources.