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Michael Nyvang (b. 1963 in Denmark/Europe) studied classical composition at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus with the award winning composers Per Nørgård and Karl Aage Rasmussen. He took his diploma (BMus) from the Academy in 1995. The same year he was awarded a three-year grant from the National Danish Arts Foundation. He received recognition for his sounds cinematic potential, when the Oscar winning Irish director Niel Jordan in 2009 licensed an electro acoustic composition for his movie Ondine. In 2009 he was commissioned to write original music for a play Christophe Huysman presented at the official program during the international theatre festival in Avignon. During his childhood Michael Nyvang was very interested in the natural sciences, physics, mathematics and chemistry, building his own laboratory and attending chemistry classes at university even before entering high school. He had to chose between the arts and the sciences and as a young man the arts and music seemed more interesting. His passion for the sciences never left him though and he currently study mathematics and physics in Copenhagen with the intention to enter university as a senior to pursue studies in astrophysics. Official homepage (not really in use) : Personal homepage: Linkedin page: Entry in the Danish national lexicon (In Danish):

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