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Biograpghy: Michael Herbert Bischoff, Parkstrasse 49, 89250 Senden, Germany E-Mail:

Degrees: 1973 - 1976 Technical University Berlin, Germany, University Diploma of a “Dipl. Ing. for High Frequency Technique” 1970 - 1973 Gauss Academy Berlin, Germany, Diploma of “Ing. grad. for Electro Technique”

Professional Career: since 2016 Retired Engineer, studying mathematical and physical problems just for fun 2017 - 2015 Airbus Defence and Space, Program Manager 2006 - 2007 EADS Defence and Security, Senior Manager Industrial Cooperation and Offset 2003 - 2005 EADS Defence Electronics, Senior Manager Marketing 1999 - 2002 Daimler Chrysler Aerospace, Senior Manager Strategy Development 1994 - 1998 Deutsche Aerospace, Senior Manager Business Development 1990 - 1993 Telefunken Systemtechnik, Manager Airborne Radar Technology 1984 - 1989 AEG, Manager Microwave Technology 1981 - 1983 AEG Telefunken, Manager Microwave Antennas 1976 - 1980 AEG Telefunken, Engineer for Millimetre Wave Technology

Publications: 1993 Helicopter Forum, Bückeburg, Germany, Helicopter avionics for mission optimisation 1988 Military Microwave Conference, London, UK, An Airborne U-Band Solid State Pulse Compression Radar (SWALLOW) 1982 Millimetre wave Conference, London, UK, A 60 GHz Collision Warning Sensor for Helicopters 1981 Wissenschaftliche Berichte AEG-Telefunken, A 60 GHz pulse radar for radar cross section measurements 1981 Wissenschaftliche Berichte AEG-Telefunken, Possibilities of stabilising the frequency of Gunn millimetre wave oscillators 1980 NTZ Archiv, Möglichkeiten der Frequenzstabilisierung von Millimeterwellen Gunn Oszillatoren 1980 Communication Engineering International, A mm-wave receiver for 60 GHz satellite communications 1979 Wissenschaftliche Berichte AEG-Telefunken, Ein einfaches Gunn-Element Ersatzschaltbild und seine Anwendungen auf stabilisierte Oszillatoren im Millimeterwellenbereich 1979 NTZ Archiv, Ein Verfahren zur Optimierung von Millimeterwellen Gunn Oszillatoren aus dem Ersatzschaltbild 1979 9th European Microwave Conference, A 64/4 GHz Down Converter for a 60 GHz Satellite Communication Link 1979 IEEE MIT-S International Microwave Symposium, Orlando, Florida, A 90 GHz FM-CW Radar Transmitter

Patents: 1983 Di-electrical Antenna (half sphere plus parabolic reflector) 1983 Mono-pulse direction finding antenna system 1982 Dual cross polarised broad band slotted array antenna 1981 Dual cone Antenna 1978 Microwave oscillator, electronically tuned varactor multiplier

Hobbies: Judo for roughly 35 years Dancing for 25 years Cross Country Skiing Golf since 17 years and Solving of physical/ mathematical problems e.g. The Optimum Putt, analysis of putting a golf ball on a slanted and/ or stepped green or Tangram, The Magic Egg, see my webpage at and much more ...