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User:M. F. Hasler/Work in progress/Renaming categories

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This page is about (Media)Wiki "Categories" (to sort/structure the pages of this wiki), not about the idea of "categories" extending the long-standing keywords in the main OEIS database of sequences, as proposed e.g. on my page User_talk:M._F._Hasler/Categories.

Dear editors,

after some previous inquiries and research on how related topics are handled on other wikis (Wikipedia in particular), I am considering some changes on the OEIS wiki (and already started some of this work) :

- Categories should be "normal capitalization" and in plural form[1]. So I am correcting, e.g., "Category:Style Sheet" to "Category:Style sheets".

- Categories should really be categories, not only contain one single member page with identical name, as is the case for most of those listed on We should delete such (too much) "individual" categories, in favour of more general "higher level" categories, that group together several specific pages. (I don't know how to delete Categories, maybe it's sufficient to remove the references to them...). Examples:

Category:Dirichlet beta function 
(which contained only the page Dirichlet beta function)
RIFO  Category:Special functions
(which contained only the page Dirichlet_L-functions)
RIFO  Category:Special functions
[ [ Category:Riemann zeta function|*] ] and
[ [ Category:Prime zeta function|*] ]
RIFO Category:Zeta functions + Category:Special functions


I created the Category:Zeta functions while I renamed the page Zeta functions to Zeta function and Dirichlet_L-functions to Dirichlet_L-function

I hope that you agree; at least these are conventions as they are also used elsewhere[1], and I think they are reasonable. — M. F. Hasler 15:12, 23 January 2013 (UTC)


  1. 1.0 1.1 Wikipedia: General conventions for Category names. (Not saying that we should adopt WP's guidelines. This is just meant to be one (maybe the most widespread) example among others, illustrating this particular general convention.)