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Considering I am a 16 year old student currently attending Wauwatosa West High school, in Wisconsin, my biography will be pretty brief. I have a love for Mathematics and Science, hoping to get into a good college and am part of our engineering club here. I was messing about with the Sequence {(n+1)(n/2)} which will give you the sum of any given number, such as: {(10+1)(10/2} = 55. I have created a summation sequence using {(n+1)(n/2)} that provides the Tetrahedral numbers, Square pyramidal numbers, the Octahedral numbers, the Coordination of the 4-dimensional cube lattice, another sequence the iteration proceeding the 4-dimensional cube lattice, and many other sequences depending on the number of times the process is iterated. I would like to publish this sequence for others and provide the method of generating these sequences.