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As a child Konstantinos (Dino) Koulaouzidis was already creative: at the age of 12 he began coding on his C64 and took his first steps towards computer generated graphics. When he was 16 he discovered Photoshop, experimented with 3D-Studio and much more.

Starting in 1996 he worked as freelance and employed graphic and multimedia designer for different agencies and companies in Germany and abroad – he pursued this for the following 13 years. In 1999 he finished his Bachelor of Arts in graphic and multimedia communication an the University of Wolverhampton (UK).

In 2009 he co-founded Munich's full service online agency oliv newton and is working there ever since as managing director and leading online technologist & creative. Since the end of 2016 he is also managing director of the newly founded subsidiary oliv newlab in Leipzig.

Alongside his career Dino is following various own multimedia-based art projects, some of which he was able to present in different solo and group exhibitions in the UK, Greece and Germany. His artworks deal with numbers, patterns, music, natural forms and graphics, but they also reach beyond. #mathart #creativecoding #generativeart #generativemusic

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