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Ken Knowlton 3953 Linwood Street Sarasota FL 34232 (941) 343-2698 (general info) (artworks)


                             KEN KNOWLTON Bio (1931 - * )    

Invited Speaker/Lecturer on computer graphics and computer art_____________   2007    Invited speaker at Richard Saul Wurman's E-G conference   2001    Invited Speaker at inaugural meeting of Society of American Mosaic Artists   1975-77 ACM National lecturer on Computer Graphics   1971-72 Visiting Lecturer/Instructor on Computer Graphics & Computer Art, UCSC.   1964    Invited speaker re computers at Columbia University Centennial    1986    Buenos Aires: 4 hours on "El Estado de Graficado por Computadora"   1970-75 Five 3-day workshops on BEFLIX and EXPLOR in TX, MI, NY, MN, NY

Positions__________________________________________   1962-82 Member of Computing Techniques Research Dept., Bell Telephone Laboratories   1987-95 Member of 'Freestyle' development group, Wang Laboratories   1966-72 Member of the Board of the American Science Film Association   1972-82 Member of National Committee for Electrical Engineering Films.   1952    Chimesmaster, Cornell Univ.

Theses______________________________________________   1955 "X-Ray Microscopy with (Knowlton-)Modified RCA Electron Microscope," Cornell     1962 "Sentence Parsing with a Self-Organizing Heuristic Program," M.I.T.

Honors, Degrees_____________________________________   1947 Honorable Mention, Westinghouse Science Talent Search   1953 B.S.  in Engineering Physics, Cornell U.   1955 M.S. in Engineering Physics, Cornell U.   1962 Ph.D. in Communications Sciences (fore-runner of "computer science") M.I.T.   1979 that year's Honorary Life member of the Computer Arts Society   2014 Mention in Science News "50 years ago column" for movie made by computer

Achievements_________________________________________   1964    BEFLIX, first bitmap movie system: paper published, movie made by it.   1971 An early U.S. patent on software - essentially BEFLIX   1966-76 other computer languages: TARPS, L-6, EXPLOR, SFERES   1970+ 30 U.S. patents (20 of them as sole inventor)   1964+   dozens of published papers in the technical literature.   1974 making fingers "transparent" over real, dynamically relabeled pushbuttons   1966    storage allocator, widely known as "buddy system" of binary block-splitting   1970+   various methods of progressive picture transmission (coarse information fist)   1990+ A variety of mosaic artworks made of seashells, dominoes, and other tesserae.

Technical collaborations, at various times, regarding computer graphics aspects of:   Visual Prosthesis Speculation: with Theodore Sterling, George Washington Univ.   Display of theoretical radiological dosage: with Theodor Sterling at G. W. Univ.   Films for E.E. R&D and Teaching: with William Huggins, Johns Hopkins Univ.   Compression of Sign Language to Phone bandwidth: with Vivien Tartter at Bell Labs.   Films Regarding Crystallography Theories: with, George Gilmer et al, at Bell Labs   Various Grades of Braille, for teaching the blind: with Marie Knowlton, U. of Minn.   Design & Programming of the system ATOMS: with Lorinda Cherry at Bell Labs.   Porting ATOMS to computer at Lawrence Livermore Labs: with Nelson Max of LLL.    Devising Gray-Scale methods with B/W systems: with Leon Harmon at Bell Labs.   Development of software methods for electronic commerce: with G. Miliefesky at QuickBuy.   Combinatoric math conjecture proved by Ron Graham (hence Knowlton's Erdӧs number 2)   Computer Simulation of Calligraphic Pens/Brushes: with Karen Donoghue at Wang Labs.

Collaboration with outside or visiting Artists___________________    1965-69 with Stan Vanderbeek, at Bell Labs   1969-74 with Lillian Schwartz, at Bell labs   1971-72 with 30 students, at Univ. of Cal. at Santa Cruz   1975-77 with Laurie Spiegel of NYC: misc graphics & perpetually (as/de)cending rhythm 

Book Chapters on Knowlton Artwork_________________________________   Seckel, ESCHER, DALI & ARTISTS OF OPTICAL ILLUSION, Sterling NY 2004    Russett and Starr, EXPERIMENTAL ANIMATION, Van Nostrand, NY 1976    Ruth Leavitt, ARTIST AND COMPUTER, Harmony Books, New York 1976   (and full-page photos of artworks in dozens of other books)

Further information_______________________________________________  patents, papers, essays, other misc. mosaic artwork   Carole S. McCauley, COMPUTERS AND CREATIVITY, Praeger Pub, NY 1974, Chapter 7

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