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I am a Professor of Mathematics at Westfield State University where I have been a member of the faculty since 1994. My undergraduate degree is from Cornell University and my graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota (M.A.) and the State University of New York at Albany (Ph.D.)

I am the P.I. of the NSF-supported Discovering the Art of Mathematics which provides a library of curriculum materials for mathematics for liberal arts and other general education students. (See ) It is profoundly rewarding to help students who dislike mathematics and have been disenfranchised from the mathematical experience discover joy, beauty and power there.

Some of my most interesting mathematical discoveries have come in collaboration with students who profess to dislike mathematics but come up with beautiful mathematical discoveries. For example, the discovery of the sequence of ``intercardinal adjacencies which is described at and the discovery of a much simplified formula for Rascal's triangle, aka A077028, which is described at .