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Budding mathematician hoping to learn and add some knowledge to the field of number theory.

Collatz Conjecture fan: 3n+1=n'/2, n'/2=2u = 3n+1=2u.... is equivalent to 4n-(n-1)=2u, divide the algorithm in half, therefore 2n-(n-1)/2=u, since every term in this new equation is now a multiple of 2 (2n is always even since any even or odd number times 2 is even, (n-1)is implicitly divisible by 2 since it is by definition odd to begin with, and subtracting 1 makes it even)thusly both sides are divisible by two and as such also divisible by 1 and will be divided to 1 eventually.

The conjecture is that all odd numbers will always divide down to 1. I view the whole equation {3n+1=2u} to be a function which converts odd numbers into even numbers based on a shifting factor of 1/2, since the limit of u/n=1.5 ex. n=137 u=206 ...206/137=1.5036496350, n=99999 u=149999 14999/99999=1.50000500005