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19540608. Male.Married.2 Children, male, both married. 1 Grandchild female. 1 Stepson. 2 Bloodbrothers. 10 very good friends. Self-employed Creartist, Carpenter, Construction company. Builded the only phi-based nonagonal house in the world (in Bergen - Holland); Owner of C50 Hedron Systems BV = invention management. Invented: the Ground Consolidator (GC) = Wired Cubical Frame used a.o. for shore protection; Code 4 One (Communication Information Intention Analysing System); Hedronsciences a new standard for geometrical measures, the Hoops Ball a building block (patent pending); Csphere (in colaboration with Richard Southwell); Trileprodactyl; Enneagrammandala, all kinds of games, toys, tools, etc. website: Email: skype: josephhoebe