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Longtime math hobbyist and contributor to the OEIS, and OEIS editor for a while now.

In school, I was good at English, but better at math. In OEIS circles, I'm still good at English ... but my knowledge of many mathematical topics is admittedly very limited.

The kinds of math problems I like most are ones that can be concisely stated and easily understood, even by people who haven't had (or no longer remember) any college-level math, yet are hard to solve.

Here are some of the sequences I've most enjoyed working on:

A002845, A062714, A064626, A067863, A073833, A081978, A085835, A086744, A088306, A092671, A102262, A114376, A122225, A124254, A139004, A157639, A169670, A177901, A194156, A201052, A210380, A210570, A222267, A228639, A230282, A233470, A237051, A242585, A245285, A247556, A249784, A256174, A259762

I don't have any published papers. I did compute terms a(8) and a(9) of A064626 in 2007, and I revisited the problem in 2008 and computed terms a(11) and a(12), but although my name appears as the second of the two authors named on the paper in the Links section of the related sequence A004251, I never knew such a paper was even planned until I did an Internet search for my name one day and made the unpleasant discovery of the existence of the published paper. I assume the other "author" listed on the paper is its actual author, although I've never met him, spoken with him, or even corresponded with him directly. If you're wondering how such a thing could happen, see the paragraph below. If not, you won't miss anything important by skipping the paragraph. Either way, I hope you enjoy the OEIS! -- Jon

Notes about the paper that misidentifies me as an author: Some time before the paper appeared, I received an email from someone saying that he and another individual (whose name now appears as the first of the two authors of the paper) were interested in sharing information with me about A064626 and trying to compute more terms; I sent a reply briefly describing my approach, but not long thereafter, family needs necessitated that I sharply curtail my time spent on (what was to me) merely recreational mathematics, and I sent a second email in which I apologized that I needed to bow out and attached a copy of a program I had written for computing terms of A064626, and I don't recall ever having heard from him again. Some months later, when searching for my name on the Internet, I was very unhappily surprised to discover that a paper had been published with my name on it as one of its two authors. I had never seen the paper, and never been asked about being named as an author, and, if asked, I certainly would've declined. The only name I recognize in the list of people whom "The authors thank" in the Acknowledgements section is that of the person with whom I had had the very limited correspondence some months earlier. (Some months after I made the unpleasant discovery of the existence of the paper naming me as an author, a link to the paper was added to the Links section of A004251.) I'm unable to follow completely the pseudocode in the section about the "Recursive accepting test" that the paper specifically attributes to me, but it seems clear to me that it has errors (e.g., how would the process ever reach the code in any of the lines numbered 31 through 36, or 53 through 55?). As a mere math hobbyist, I certainly don't feel qualified to offer an assessment of the overall value of the paper ... but should I ever need to look for a job doing some kind of editing work, I hope no one reviewing my résumé comes across the paper and takes it as representative of my work!