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User:Jon Awbrey/ANIMATION

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Prime Animations

Riffs 1 to 60

Animation Riff 60 x 0.16.gif

Rotes 1 to 60

Animation Rote 60 x 0.16.gif

Proof Animations

Double Negation

Double Negation 2.0 Animation.gif

Generation Theorem

Generation Theorem 2.0 Animation.gif

Dominant Form Theorem

Dominant Form 2.0 Animation.gif

Peirce's Law : One-Way

Peirce's Law 2.0 Animation.gif

Peirce's Law : Two-Way

Peirce's Law Strong Form 2.0 Animation.gif

Two-Thirds Majority Function

Two-Thirds Majority Function 500 x 250 Animation.gif

Praeclarum Theorema (Leibniz)

Praeclarum Theorema 2.0 Animation.gif

Praeclarum Theorema : Proof by CAST

Praeclarum Theorema CAST 500 x 389 Animation.gif