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I am an amateur mathematician with an interest in elementary Number Theory.

My contributions

[A238736]: Balancing Wieferich primes: primes p that divide their Pell quotients

[A238490]: Primes that divide a Lucas quotient studied by H. C. Williams

My calculations

[A238490]: Extended search to 2.5 x 10^10 and found second term of sequence (2297860813)

[A238736]: Extended search from 10^10 to 10^12 without finding a further solution

Entries based on my work, and submitted by others

[A238201]: Primes p such that numerator(H(floor(p/6))) == 0 (mod p), where H(k) is the k-th harmonic number

[A239875]: Friendly club of (first Wieferich prime)-1 and (second Wieferich prime)-1: numbers n such that sigma(n)/n = 112/39