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Pre-universitary student from Valladolid, Spain. After a first approach to programming in elementary school, Jaime learned to control basic code languages such as C++, Java, PHP or Python. Using his knowledge, he has applied it to fields like Mathematics and Astronomy, through projects with which has earned the maximum qualification in 'Colegio Ntra. Sra. de Lourdes' school (Valladolid) during High School, the Prize for Extraordinary Student Performance with the best mark on Maths of his region or stays at schools in New York, Liverpool, the European Southern Observatory or the Canarian Institute of Astrophysics.

He hopes to study Mathematics and Aeronautical Engineering when his pre-universitary courses have finished; meanwhile, he expects to be able to investigate about integers sequences and to collaborate with the international scientific community through the OEIS, as well as trying to expand universal knowledge regarding mathematics and number theory.

Contact me: - by mail: - personal website: (under construction)

Languages spoken: Spanish - English - French

If you speak English, you are welcome to call me 'Jimmy' Si vous parlez Français, vous pouvez m'appeler 'Jimmy'