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Sociology & political science graduate, amateur combinatorialist, and math enthusiast at Complexor.

Etymology of Complexor

  • In electrical engineering, complexor is a portmanteau of complex vector, which today is referred to as a complex amplitude or a phasor.
  • Alternatively, it was used by Marcial Losada as a portmanteau of complex order to refer to strange attractors.
  • In Latin, complexor means "I am embraced".

I recently wrote a paper exploring a variation of the INVERT transform which I have termed the Signature Left Near-Ring. It includes optimized methods for computing many unique sequences, as well as a more enthusiastic treatment of a somewhat neglected subject of importance to the OEIS. You can read it here. If you are interested in helping canonize the notation or vocabulary given in this publication, please feel free to reference it in any edits or sequence submissions.