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Curriculum Vitae

RESEARCH INTERESTS I am generally interested in theoretical mathematics, particularly number theory and abstract algebra. Over the past few years, I have also grown more interested in computational mathematics related to these two fields.

CITIZENSHIP United States of America

INSTITUTE Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Class of 2018.

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE MIT Local Conjugacy in GL_2(Z/p^2Z) proposed by Dr. Andrew Sutherland Researched conducted through the MIT Mathematics Department Summer Program in Undergraduate Research during the summer of 2016 and subsequently through the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program during the fall of 2016. Draft of paper available at PROMYS Metacommutation of Hurwitz integers under Professor Henry Cohn, Summer 2014 (Paper availble at: Contributed mostly to the third section, which arrives at a group property of metacommutation maps. Fibonacci and Lucas numbers under Professor Ira Gessel, Summer 2012.

SKILLS Language: Fluent in Korean, some French. Software: Experienced in C, C++, GAP, Java, LaTeX, Magma, Objective-C, Python, R, Sage