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Howard Givner was an Advisory Software Engineer at IBM Tivoli from 2005 until he retired in 2010. While with IBM he served on the zSecure Suite development team.

Howard Givner has been involved with software design and development for fifty years, including 10 years at Isogon Corporation developing Spiffy, the precursor of IPT, taking it past the Y2K hurdle. Prior to that he served on the faculty of the Brooklyn College Mathematics and Computer Science departments, where he taught calculus, algebra, logic, computer programming, computer architecture, and data structures to undergraduates. During his college tenure, he authored articles that were published in professional journals, including the proceedings of a major computer users group; he provided programs which he created and which were included in a contributed program library; and he pioneered the use of mainframe computers for such college administrative applications as final exam scheduling, graduation requirements checking, admissions applicant selection, and online registration. He also invented and copyrighted a generalized report writing language.