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Howard A. Landman (born Feb 3 1952) is an American engineer, mathematician, writer, and visual artist. He was a co-designer of several major integrated circuits, including the Berkeley RISC I (first RISC microprocessor), HaL SPARC64 (first 64-bit SPARC), and the Emotion Engine chip for the Sony PlayStation 2 (first commercial 128-bit microprocessor). As a mathematician, he has published papers in combinatorial game theory including a lengthy study of eyespace values in the game of Go, co-designed the VEST stream cipher, and made contributions to the Online Encyclopedia Of Integer Sequences. His non-technical writing includes poetry, over 150 poetry translations (mostly of R. M. Rilke and G. A. Becquer), and songs. His visual work has included photography, electronic (LED) jewelry, and writing flow fields for the G-Force music visualizer by SoundSpectrum (often derived from fractals or chaos theory); he has also made occasional forays into live performance, from the 1968-69 light show group Ocean Of See to 2010-12 VJ stints with electronica band The Acidophiles. He currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado.