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The most fascinating intellectual concept I know is infinity. Since I was a child I am interested in.

Those fields of science and knowledge where infinity is an essential part of thinking are astronomy and mathematics, and theology, of course. I think, today we cannot really empathize the great intellectual power that was necessary to get a proper understanding of infiniteness. To explore immenseness in real I bought a telescope, to fathom it intellectually I read books on cosmology and later on I studied mathematics.

In mathematics I learned a lot about the different notions of infinity and I understood, that one can tackle real life problems based on an abstract approach to infiniteness. Successively I became “familiar” with infinity. Nevertheless, beyond cosmological insights and mathematical formalisms, the infinitely large and the infinitely small, remains “mysterious” to me, to a certain degree.

I am graduated in mathematics and electrical engineering and hold a doctorate in mathematics. My special interest is limitation theory (Diploma thesis on summation methods and conformal mappings, PH.D. thesis on complex valued abelian limitation methods).

I am working in the automotive industry and I am responsible for research and advanced development at a german based company with subsidiaries in France, USA and China.