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Herman P. Robinson

The late Herman P. Robinson was the coauthor (with Elinor Potter) of a 183-page report "Mathematical Constants", Lawrence Radiation Laboratory Report UCRL-20418, March 1971.

Herman was an early and enthusiastic fan of the database. During the 1970's we had many discussions about sequences, and he made numerous contributions to the database. The abbreviation HPR in my 1973 Handbook of Integer Sequences refers to him. He and Elinor checked the manuscript of that book and corrected a number of errors.

Herman's wife Esther wrote to me in 1991 saying "Herman's life ended in October, 1986, with a cardiac arrest, the way we would all choose to go if we could. He was still working with his computers and enjoying his math projects, ..."

N. J. A. Sloane, Nov 18 2010