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User:Georgi Guninski

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Georgi Guninski

  • Interested in:
    • efficient computability of sequences
    • machine analysis of relations in sequences (both in a single sequence and in different sequences)
  • Searchable web interface to machine analysis:
    • (as of 2010.09.05) includes:
    • about 2000 (of about 10 000 subset of OEIS with at least 900 terms) relations by stefun, autoveried to max available terms
    • about 1.3 million (have a lot of false positives mainly due to insufficient number of terms) 3 sequence relations using modified Robert Gerbicz's seeker.c of form: Ax = Ay {+,-,*,/} Az
    • linear relations among sequences in oeis using self-made program

User:Georgi Guninski/seqs