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My name is Elizabeth "Liz" Axoy. I am a math teacher. I am interested in many different types of math.


Elizabeth Axoy


List of sequences

I have created a wide variety of sequences on OEIS. Here is a list of these sequences.

A307733, A309282, A309283, A309327, A309434, A309473, A309663, A309775, A320432, A320433, A324591, A326398, A326576, A326747, A326829, A327616, A328148, A328149, A328204, A328779, A328821, A329004, A329289, A329384, A329385, A329480, A329929, A329930, A329973, A330089, A330431, A330708, A330709, A330966, A331195, A331345, A331693, A332333, A332615, A332616, A332704, A332775, A332776, A332777