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Jump to: navigation, search, as far as I know the only Tem Noon, with an Internet tail that goes literally to before "the Internet" was called that. I am, as Edward Bernstein, the IT Director of a vent manufacturing firm in Newburgh NY. As Tem Noon, I am well known as and a frequent volunteer at the Wappinger's Falls home of CoSM, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. I'm on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Soundcloud as Tem Noon.

I have been drawn to the OEIS in order to share my newfound interest in a simple categorization of Prime Numbers by "Valence", which is an intrinsic attribute of each prime, and only takes on certain values. The Valence is the size of the gap to the next prime minus the size of the gap to the previous prime. Because the beginning of the sequence of valences of the first few primes was not recognized, I'm creating this account to post that sequence, and related sequences, such as the cumulative ongoing sum of those valences, which goes up and down but never below one, and it comes down to one frequently.