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Dirk Huylebrouck spent eight years at universities in Congo until a diplomatic incident between Belgium and Congo interrupted his stay. He went to the University of Aveiro in Portugal and the European Division of Maryland University, until the majority his American (military) students went to Iraq. He returned to Africa, to Burundi, but only for three years, because of the genocide in neighboring Rwanda. Since 1996 he consented to teach at the Faculty for Architecture KULeuven (Gent and Brussels, Belgium), receiving the Lester Ford award for best paper in ‘The American Mathematical Monthly’ in 2002. He still escapes abroad from time to time, as he edits the column ‘The Mathematical Tourist’ in ‘The Mathematical Intelligencer’, since 1997. However, he may soon have to flee abroad again, as he became (in)famous due to the popularization and the discovery of errors in the Belgian Atomium landmark, in the work of Leonardo da Vinci, in the Forbidden Fruit interpretation in the Van Eyck’s Mystic Lamb, or, most recently, in Norbert Francis Attard’s Fibonacci artwork.