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Danilo Chiarlone has autodidactic tendencies that are fueled with a passion for mathematics unlike most men his age. While he developed an aptitude at very young age, Danilo’s first notable achievement was learning calculus by himself by the age of fourteen. This lead to his first attempts to finding sequences by the age of fifteen. In this time, he also wrote two unpublished books about calculus and general relativity.

Chiarlone was a deeply dedicated student in both of his secondary schools winning multiple awards such as the best student prize, best English student two times, best physics student, best calculus student, citizenship award, student with the best average two times, the attendance award, and was the valedictorian of his graduating class.

He has attended school in two countries: College Marista Paranaense in Brazil and also a private secondary school in downtown Vancouver, Canada called Pattison.

While in school he also participated in many math competitions: three competitions in Waterloo and was in the national Brazil mathematics Olympics three years in a row. With the same passion he had for competition, he created and led a team of nine people, teaching mathematics, chemistry, and physics to other students.

During all of this, Chiarlone was very focused on his studies of pure mathematics. He began to write more sequences, but this time with more serious mathematical logic backing them up. He also focused his studies, by looking deeply into pi and prime numbers, trying to find patterns within them. This led him to research lots of sequences.

Chiarlone is currently an engineering student at University of British Columbia Okanagan. His first successful, and yet to be documented, sequence was founded on October 25, 2016.

His current work is focused on Magic Squares of Squares, Number Theory, and Prime Numbers. He is presently on the hunt for the 3x3 Magic Square of Squares along with other mathematicians.

In the future, Chiarlone hopes to major in either electrical engineering, physics engineering, or mathematics. He plans to become a professor of pure mathematics. Drawing inspiration from Ramanujan who also worked with infinite series. A pioneer in the field that shows the kind of mathematical intuition that Danilo strives to achieve.