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Daniel J. Greenhoe


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 1. Master of Science degree in communications Engineering from National Chiao Tung University
 2. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University

Papers published/in review:

 1. Properties of distance spaces with power triangle inequalities (2016), Carpathian Mathematical Publications, volume 8, number 1, pages 51¡V82, doi 10.15330/cmp.8.1.51-82,
 2. Order and metric geometry compatible stochastic processing (2015). This paper has been submitted to the journal Stochastic Systems ( on 2015 February 18 and as of 2017 May 1, no editor decision has yet been received.

Book published: Wavelet Structure and Design (vol. 3 of the Mathematical Structure and Design series); Abstract Space Publishing, 2013, ISBN-13 978-0983801139;

Patents awarded:

 1. "Zero delay mask for galois LFSR", patent number 6647051, issue date 2003 November 11,
 2. "Multiple mask arrangement for jumping in pseudo-noise", patent number 6647054, issue date 2003 November 11,