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Things I've made for the OEIS wiki.


I created or substantially expanded

There are other articles which I started but are of essentially-unusable length ("stubs"):


I created various templates to do basic functions here on the OEIS wiki.

  • {{OEIS}}: link to search page
  • {{archive}}: link to archived version of a webpage
  • {{recurrence}}: link to the index and add appropriate category
  • {{MathWorld}}: standardized format for links to MathWorld
  • {{month}}: abbreviated form of the month
  • {{fullmonth}}: full form of the month
  • {{seqfan}}: standard link to Seqfan archive
  • {{t1}}: link to template
  • {{abbr}}: replacement for <abbr> element
  • {{caption}}: caption for an image or the like


What is the purpose of the OEIS wiki? Why does it exist?

People use it for many purposes. Originally it housed the sequences, though that was never their primary format. Some use it only for user pages: they write a short biography there and find contact information on others'. Some use it as a place to store resources for the OEIS: files to link to or diagrams to mock up. (Since these may change rapidly as they're developed, this is more convenient than simply uploading a file.) I use it mainly as a place to put ideas for the OEIS in a place that is visible to all. Some (notably Daniel Forgues) treat it as a nascent encyclopedia.

Eventually I plan to expand this into a short essay.