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Check for growth rate:

Consistency checks

There are many consistency checks that I'd like to run on the OEIS.

Formatting changes

Resolve old-style emails

Originally contributors were listed with their email addresses. Some old contributors who have not registered still have their emails on display. Running

egrep -c "\([^( )]+\(AT\)[^( )]+\)" cat25

shows that there are over 24,000 in the OEIS, with

perl -e "while(<>){if(/\(([^( )]+\(AT\)[^( )]+)\)/){print \"$1\n\"}}" cat25 | sort | uniq -c | sort

giving the counts. There are over 3,000 distinct email addresses, with Jason Earls, Patrick Demichel, Herman Jamke, Larry Reeves, and Don Reble accounting for a quarter of the total.

Standardize b-file

The b-files in the following sequences have irregular spacing or other minor issues that should be corrected so that they can be easily be read by various tools. See User:Charles R Greathouse IV/Format#b-files for more information.