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Of course no collection of "favorite" sequences can be canonical, or exhaustive, but these sequences are some that struck me as especially nice and which I wanted to record for future reference. You may enjoy them too!

By author

This is a collection of some of my favorite sequences from these authors. Tastes vary, but I think these are nice.

If your name's not here, don't worry; there are thousands of authors on the OEIS and I haven't included choices for them all. Still, I may expand the list as time permits.

If you would like to be included, please leave a note on my Talk page or send me (charles (at) my website, an email with your best half-dozen sequences. I can't promise I'll get to it quickly, and of course our tastes may not match.

By keyword

This is a collection of some of my favorite sequences with these keywords. Nonmathematical sequences are traditionally marked "dumb", but that doesn't mean they aren't interesting, for example.

  • base: A005349, Niven (or Harshad) numbers: numbers that are divisible by the sum of their digits.
  • dumb: A215009, Numbers which are "easy" to key on a computer numpad.
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