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In 1982 I graduated in EE at ITA.

In 1989 I opened my company named Centertap.

In 2014 I closed the company, then I started to study math. Then, thinking about primes, I arrived in what I called Paraboctys, which has all primes sequences in quadratics. I had no idea what was those primes sequences which were together and interconnected some only positive others only negatives and other negative and positive elements. After days, weeks, months trying to understand what it was, I decided to put the sequences in Google search. I started with the longest prime sequence found (41, 43, 47, ...). Then, immediately, in the first link, appeared the fantastic OEIS explaining several sequences in several details, which I had no idea of its existence. The longest sequence I initially found is the famous A005846, one of the Euler sequences... Thanks to OEIS!

Email: ck [ at ] centertap { dot } com ( dot ) br

Paraboctys: a sieve designed to encompass all possibilities of prime sequencing through quadratics

Property of Polynomials

Offset in Polynomials

Offset Applications and examples

Paraboctys lattice grid

Triangles in Paraboctys

Principle of the Paraboctys

Sequences of Primes

Modularity Study in Paraboctys

Modularity of quadratics and Repeating Decimals


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