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Full time open source programmer. I studied physics at the university of Eindhoven, the Netherlands; PhD university of Delft. Member of Mensa Netherlands since 1992 (IQ > 165). Selft-taught in electronics and mathematics (mostly number theory) and programming (mostly C++). I do not have a job, nor did I ever publish papers (for that reason). So, it's kinda hard to write a biography of 50 words here. Nevertheless, I invented the Graetz circuit when I was seven; how to test if a number is divisible by 7 age 11; scored the highest score ever measured on an official test for spacial intelligence at age 12; a device to read and write computer data to/from a cassette tape at 9600 baud at age 15 (while the rest of the world was still at 300 baud); Minkowski spacetime at age 18 (a relationship between gravity and time dilation); invented parts of group theory myself when I got my hands on a Rubics cube (without knowing that Prof.Rubic was a group theory teacher), and so on.