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I am 34 and I am fund of mathematics. I begin studying math in Oslo University soon this year. I began for three years ago to be interested in numerical sequences, and the mechanisms behind them. I have got an approved IQ of 146 sd15, member of Triple Nine Society and I assume humbly that I have got a "head" for numbers. My Location is: Norway, Oslo. I have also made a site, where my AGLT is at among other tests: TRIZONIQ where the address is:

I am not sure of this sequence I am about to send you are "taken" by somebody else, but as far as I have seen from your great encyclopedia of integers, but I could not find any of the same sequences that would match these sequences of mine. Therefore I made up my mind of ambivalence and send my sequences to you in order to get them approved.

I hope it is okay.

Best Regards, Arne Andre Gangvik