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I am a systems administrator and security engineer for XMission, and local ISP in Utah. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science, with every hope of attending graduate school, and getting a PhD in cryptography. My primary interests are math, cryptography, and Linux. Other interests include amateur radio, locksport, music, and reading. I just recently picked up knitting. Yes, I'm a guy who knits.

My interest in integer sequences is primarily for personal investigation. I use OEIS for my replies to (the Sesame Street puppet), and use those sequences to graph scatter plots, spiral plots, binary plots, and random walk plots, among others.

My personal blog can be found at I have also done some study of playing card ciphers at I have other sites scattered around, such as my password and passphrase generator at (AE7ST is my amateur radio callsign, so I purchased the domain).