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I am a Mechanical Engineer with a strong background in fundamental physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, and mathematics.

I hold a BSME degree and am currently pursuing an MSME degree at Iowa State University. I do research in combustion systems and bio-fuel applications with a focus on low temperature alternative mode combustion. I also work with a research group to pursue "zero emissions" techniques in medium duty engines.

I have spent many years pursuing mathematics as a hobby as well as in academia. Among all the topics I have studied I have found integral calculus was the most profound with it's ability to compliment the derivative and create an environment wherein simple definitions and relationships develop into infinitely deep questions and results. I still remember the day I was introduced to the Taylor Polynomial and began discovering series and sequences. I also find Number theory to be of specific interest with regards to cryptography and computing.

Other topics related to this sphere of mathematics that I enjoy are One-way functions and collision calculations, large number computing, prime distributions, transcendental computable numbers, and the ties between mathematics, nature, and space.