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I consider myself as a recreative experimental mathematician, having experimental skills from physics and programming skills from computing science, which seems to be a good combination. Special interest in number theory, where I prefer to obtain results by experiment. My mathematical skills are not such to prove conjectures, however, sometimes I obtain counter examples for given conjectures. I try to show that mathematics is also a creative process. I often try "creative" or if you wish "rare" experiments, and these often lead to minor contributions to existing sequences (see for instance A244644). An example where someone could be challanged: Archimedes scheme combined with Snel's acelleration (in Dutch: Snellius versnelling) could give a new sequence similar to A244644 (which is without Snel's acelleration); it would be a new sequence. Up to yet I only obtained the first terms: (from index 0) 0,1,1,2,3,4,5,6,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, but sequences obtained from search in OEIS from this (two results) will not satisfy if we have obtained enough terms. Finally, in summer 2017 I got a comment from an OEIS editor "did you ever read a book". Truly, this was rightly due to the fact that I had not enough knowledge on the subject, but don't be discouraged, but start to be careful (hope OEIS likes this!?). From knowledge gained by OEIS (and two books :-) ) I have made my steps.

New sequences contributed:

Dec 2016: A279796.

Jan 2017: A280877, A280878, A280879.

Jul 2017: A290284.

Sep 2017: A293028.

Oct 2017: A294226.

Jan 2018: A298210, A298211, A298212.

Jun 2018: A305607, A305879.

Jul 2018: A317331, A317332, A317333, A317335, A317336, A317413, A317414, A317538, A317539, A317540, A317557, A317558.

Aug 2018: A317253, A317627, A317661, A317906, A317907, A317908, A318057, A318058, A318198.

Sep 2018: A317094, A318605, A319129, A319172, A319215.

Oct 2018: A320721, A320722, A320723, A321135, A321136, A321137, A321138.

Jan 2019: A306232, A323796, A323797.

Feb 2019: A306359, A306365, A306481, A306482, A306514, A306515, A306516, A306517, A306596, A306599, A306600, A306850, A306851, A323975, A323976.

May 2019: A307973, A307974, A308260, A308261.