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This page has been created today (see History) to serve as a portal for the projet of auto-generated content of OEIS-sequence, cf. below. It is made a sub-page of ToDo rather than some other equivalent page (Suggested Projects, Future Projects, To do on the OEIS, ...: see To-do lists) simply because ToDo is the shortest to type.

About this project

All precise details concerning this project (i.e., changes to this page) shall be elaborated through discussions on the talk page. The present text is just meant to provide a starting point. The project originates from the often-made observation that it would be desirable for many reasons (cf. below) to have several parts of OEIS records auto-generated, for a well determined subset of sequences as to ensure that the result is correct. The goal is to elaborate

  • on one hand, a clear specification of what we want and what we don't want
  • on the other hand, to provide implementation(s) of this: not only the code of the script(s) that will compute the content, but also all necessary details about how to integrate them into the page(s).


It has been suggested to focus primarily on the very large set of linear recurrent sequences with constant coefficients, with the important subset of polynomial functions. As to the contents, one may primarily think of:

  • b-files (or data in other formats),
  • other LINKS,
  • FORMULAs (selection of most useful standard formula, along with links for further information)
  • PROGRAMs in various languages: see below for more.

See below for specific topics.

What we don't want

  • incorrect contents
  • additional server load or disk space usage
  • unresponsive pages
  • any other performance hits (e.g., on search results etc.)
  • any security risk
  • cluttered or otherwise unpleasant-to-read records

What we do want

  • No additional server load: computations to be done client side (by the browser of the visitor)
This will also save bandwidth: data (b-files and maybe other) will be generated client side and not be downloaded over the internet. This should benefit both, the OEIS server and the client.
  • provide automatically generated b-files of size and format chosen by the visitor
For b-files we can provide a selection of buttons to provide pre-defined sizes of the file (100, 10^4, ... terms) and/or user defined size (INPUT element), and also different formats (traditional "n a(n)\n" format or others, better suited as input for CAS): see below.
  • useful formulas
  • We want the data, formulas etc to be 100% correct. In particular, much care will be devoted to ensure that
    • the sequence really is of the assumed type
    • no rounding errors or similar will compromise calculated data.
In case of doubt, better don't provide the content (or maybe with a clear warning) rather than something wrong.

Why do we want auto-generation

  • reduce server load (among others, but certainly a big issue, web crawlers which download again & again huge b-files)
  • provide much additional value at minimal cost:
    • data/b-files in user-chosen size & format;
    • all relevant formulas & programs "at once" for all relevant sequences
  • significantly reduce editor's work by preventing trivial and erroneous contributions, esp. "jump-in" edits.

Specific type of content

Here we list some more explicit considerations, depending on the type of content:


  • Standard sizes: ...
  • Formats:

(to be written)


  • explicit formula for a(n)
  • g.f., e.g.f., recurrence relation (user may choose a(n+1) = ... or a(n) = ... or a(n) + c1 a(n-1) + ... + aN a(n-N) = 0) etc
  • other standard formulas (for special sub-categories of sequences)


We want to provide simple yet most efficient implementations to

  • compute one given term, a segment of the sequence, to print the terms, to store them in an array,
  • maybe: to plot them (?), to create a b-file (still useful ?),

We do not want to have screens full of PROGRAMS displayed at once. Maybe only one line of code per language (for the most current languages), and a button to click in order to "see" (i.e.: produce) more.

(Note: that button should activate the script to produce further the further content (here programs). We don't want thousands of bytes of content to be downloaded "a priori" and simply "hidden" via CSS.)


(here will go the specific JavaScript code and details on how it is integrated in the OEIS web pages) If necessary, use sub-pages.

how to integrate it

META or SCRIPT links to .js file(s) on server? and/or integrate parts/condensed version into the HTML code?

see the talk page for discussion

the collection of scripts

About this page


Initial version created. MFH 17:45, 16 November 2018 (EST)

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