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Template talk:Documentation subpage

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Do we have any use for that page, or should we delete it? — Daniel Forgues 03:47, 10 August 2011 (UTC)

Bug or configuration problem?

On mediawikiwiki:Help:Magic words#Page names, it says

Page names
Variable Output Description Versions
{{FULLPAGENAME}} Template talk:Documentation subpage Namespace and page title. 1.6+
{{PAGENAME}} Documentation subpage Page title.
{{BASEPAGENAME}} Documentation subpage Page title excluding the current subpage and namespace ("Title/foo" on "Title/foo/bar").

For more complex splitting, use {{#titleparts:}} from ParserFunctions extension.

{{SUBPAGENAME}} Documentation subpage The subpage title ("foo" on "Title/foo"). 1.6+
{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}} Template:Documentation subpage The namespace and title of the associated subject page. 1.7+
{{TALKPAGENAME}} Template talk:Documentation subpage The namespace and title of the associated talk page. 1.7+

The {{BASEPAGENAME}} and {{SUBPAGENAME}} magic words only work in namespaces that have subpages enabled. See Manual:$ for information on enabling subpages.

On OEIS Wiki

  • {{BASEPAGENAME}} gives "Title/foo" instead of "Title" !?
  • {{SUBPAGENAME}} gives "Title/foo" instead of "foo" !?

this is what prevents {{documentation subpage}} from working properly! (see mediawikiwiki:Help:Magic words#Page names) — Daniel Forgues 21:16, 10 August 2011 (UTC)