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The {{purge}} OEIS Wiki utility template adds a small <Purge> link to a page (as you see above).

Purging a page clears the server cache and forces the most current revision to appear. (This is especially useful when testing a just modified template, so you don't keep testing an old version from the server cache!)


To purge the current page (as default):



{{purge|label = link label}}

To purge some other page:

{{purge|full page title}}


{{purge|title = full page title}}


{{purge|full page title|link label}}


{{purge|title = full page title|label = link label}}


{{purge|title = full page title|label = link label|anchor = anchor}}


  • title (first argument) is full page title (namespace prefix:page title) (default is current page);
  • label (second argument) is link label (optional);
  • anchor (third argument) is anchor (optional) to jump to on the page (after purging it) (unfortunately not yet functional, maybe not possible). See


NOTE: The optional : (colon) prefix invokes the default (Main) namespace.

Code Result Comment
{{purge}} ⧼Purge⧽ Template:Purge  
{{purge|anchor = Examples}} ⧼Purge⧽ Template:Purge (Issue: can't yet jump to section after purge)
{{purge|label = Purge this page!}} Purge this page!  
{{purge|Template:Ed}} ⧼Purge⧽ Template:Ed  
{{purge|Template:Ed|<Flush> Template:Ed}} <Flush> Template:Ed  
{{purge|Fibonacci numbers}} ⧼Purge⧽ Fibonacci numbers  
{{purge|:Fibonacci numbers}} ⧼Purge⧽ :Fibonacci numbers  
{{purge|Template:Plouffe's Inverter}} ⧼Purge⧽ Template:Plouffe's Inverter  
{{purge|Template:Sequence of the Day's terms or constant}} ⧼Purge⧽ Template:Sequence of the Day's terms or constant  
{{purge|+ operator}} Purge error: Page "+ operator" does not exist! (You can't purge a nonexisting page!)


See the quite different version of the code on

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